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1. Where can I find information on available locations for my business?
2. Where can I find information on expanding my business?
3. What should a business owner do before signing a lease or purchasing property?
4. How do I find out whether my business is a permitted use?
5. If I want to make changes to the interior of the building, what do I do?
6. Where can I find money or other financial assistance for my business?
7. How do I find out whether my existing building meets safety and fire code requirements?
8. I would like additional signage to promote my business. How do I find out what type of signage is permitted?
9. Who can help me promote my business?
10. Am I allowed to hold outdoor promotional events and activities?
11. I am going to sell/serve food, who do I need to contact?
12. Who do I contact about utilities?
13. What do I do if I want to dig on my property?
14. Where can I get copies of the City's Building Code and Zoning Ordinance?