• Riverfront swings
  • Marketplace
  • City of Sterling Downtown
  • City of Sterling Downtown
  • Theater
  • City of Sterling-9
  • Sterling in bloom
  • Sterling in bloom
  • Sterling in bloom
  • Riverfront
  • Riverfront
  • Sterling
  • The Secret Six Painting
  • Sterling Tulips in Bloom
  • Painting depicting a trolley car and conductor
  • Painting depicting a school house with a teacher and students from a previous era
  • Sterling Library
  • Mural painted on brick depicting women in uniforms climbing walls and training
  • A mural painted on the side of a brick building of a past leader of the area and a farmer plowing
  • A painting of a General Store from a previous era
  • Sterling Fire Department Mural
  • A store front in downtown Sterling
  • A mural depicting the downtown area of Sterling in a previous era
  • Sterling American Legion Mural
  • Past U.S. Presidents Mural
  • Grandon Civic Center
  • Downtown Sterling
  • A mural showcasing cultural diversity and flags of many other countries
  • Painting of historical circus and information on brick wall

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