Who can help me promote my business?

The Sauk Valley Chamber of Commerce serves as the voice of the business community. The Chamber provides various events and opportunities for business promotion. The Chamber maintains a Business Directory and advocates for local business interests. Telephone 815-625-2400.

Sterling Main Street exists to support a revitalized, historic downtown through a comprehensive approach focusing on community assets and partnerships to develop, maintain and promote an attractive and vital downtown district. They can assist in getting the word out through many of their events and active social networking! Telephone 815-626-8610.

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1. Where can I find information on available locations for my business?
2. Where can I find information on expanding my business?
3. What should a business owner do before signing a lease or purchasing property?
4. How do I find out whether my business is a permitted use?
5. If I want to make changes to the interior of the building, what do I do?
6. Where can I find money or other financial assistance for my business?
7. How do I find out whether my existing building meets safety and fire code requirements?
8. I would like additional signage to promote my business. How do I find out what type of signage is permitted?
9. Who can help me promote my business?
10. Am I allowed to hold outdoor promotional events and activities?
11. I am going to sell/serve food, who do I need to contact?
12. Who do I contact about utilities?
13. What do I do if I want to dig on my property?
14. Where can I get copies of the City's Building Code and Zoning Ordinance?