Sump Pump and Roof Drain Disconnect Program

About the Sump Pump and Roof Drain Disconnect Grant Program

The City of Sterling has created a grant program to provide financial assistance to property owners to help pay for the disconnection of sump pumps and roof drains that drain into the sanitary sewer system.  It is illegal to have a sump pump or roof drain connected to the sanitary sewers unless a variance has been granted as it contributes to sewer backsump pumpups and overflows.

Why can’t we continue to have clear water go into the sanitary sewers?

  • Additional capacity for the treatment of stormwater and groundwater is costly and gets passed on in the form of increased sewer rates.
  • Expanding pipe capacity means pipe replacement, which is extremely expensive and requires streets and the right of ways to be torn up.
  • Inflow during major rainfalls exceeds current sewer capacity, causing system back-ups into homes and potential overflows into local creeks and rivers, putting public health at risk and violating state and federal regulations.
  • Customers are being charged through sewer fees to treat and pump rainwater that does not need to be treated.

How the Grants Work

  • The City will reimburse the homeowner 50% with a max. of $400 of assistance for the cost of disconnecting sump pumps draining into the sanitary sewer system.
  • 50% reimbursement with a max. of $400 of assistance to reroute the roof drains.
  • Owner-occupied homes that meet income guidelines are eligible for up to 75% reimbursement (see the application for details).
  • This work must be carried out by a licensed plumber and must attach a copy of the estimate.
  • Mandatory inspections to be provided by the City before and after disconnection.
  • The homeowner must submit a reimbursement application to the City.

For inspections, please contact Building and Code Enforcement at (815) 632-6624

Grant Application