Fire Department Foreign Insurance Tax Board


  • 6 pm
  • 4th Thursday of every month


Name                                                                                 Term  Expires
Clark Liedberg, President                                                 March 2024
Nick Hammer, Secretary                                                   March 2024
Adrian Avelar, Board Member                                           March 2024
Tanner Seidel, Treasurer                                                  January 2, 2024
Mike Dettman, Chief                                                         Continuous

Fire Department Fleet of vehiclesOverview

The funds for this Board come from those collected by the State of Illinois equaling 2% of the Fire Insurance written into our jurisdiction by insurance companies that are based outside the State of Illinois. Those funds are paid to the Board on an annual basis. The Board then uses those funds to enhance the Fire Department needs through the purchase of equipment.

The Fire Department Foreign Insurance Tax Board is composed of 5 members, each serving a 2 year term.