City Shop

Public Works-26The City of Sterling maintains its fleet of vehicles and other heavy equipment at the City Shop located on the Public Works grounds. Over 100 vehicles, including police cars, fire trucks, dump trucks, and other various equipment are maintained and serviced here.

City Shop Building

In 2001, the finishing touches were put on the City Shop building. The nearly 15,000 square foot building allows us to service larger vehicles inside, to store more vehicles indoors over the winter, and allows more room for indoor storage.

Prior to the new building, many vehicles were stored outside through the winter and were accumulating excess wear and tear from the elements. Further, the building was designed with input from both professional engineers and the employees of the Public Works Division, thus ensuring a building that offers the most in functionality and efficient design.

The City Shop allows for large vehicles to be lifted as much as 6 feet off the ground for service. It also allows for increased storage.