Solicitation "Do Not Knock" Registry

No Solicitation Member Do Not Knock Registry SignAll persons, businesses and organizations wishing to solicit in the City of Sterling are required to obtain a permit. Upon permit approval, solicitors will be issued a permit to solicit and will be required to keep them displayed at all times. All solicitors are prohibited from soliciting at any location listed on the "Do Not Knock" registry or from any location with a sign posted prohibiting solicitation.

The City of Sterling requires all solicitors to obtain a current "Do Not Knock" registry list upon approval of a solicitation permit. The "Do Not Knock" registry will work similar to a "Do Not Call" list and will prohibit solicitation at registered addresses. For your protection, only addresses and expiration dates will appear on the "Do Not Knock" registry.


If you would like your address to appear on the "Do Not Knock" registry, please complete the Do Not Knock Registry Application (PDF) and return to the Sterling Police Department. Your registration will become effective on the first day of the month following registration.

Report Violations

To report a violation please call 815-632-6640, Option 5.