Police Department Fee Information

Police Department Fees

CRASH REPORT:           *$5.00 here or online at https://ecrash.lexisnexis.com

POLICE REPORT:          Authority to Charge Fees - 5/ILCS  140/6
                                       *First 50 pages are free/.50 cents per page after 50.
                                       *Records on CD/DVD - $3.00   
                                       *Please fill out a FOIA request for Police Reports.
                                       *We will respond within five (5) business days.

ALARM PERMITS:        *Residential-One-time fee of $50.00 (Please pay City Clerk)
                                      *Businesses-$50.00 fee per Fiscal Year(Please pay City Clerk)
                                      *False Alarms #7 through #11-$25.00
                                      *False Alarms #12 and over-$50.00

ADMIN VEHICLE STORAGE FEES:  $150.00 Initial Fee - $20.00 per day after 1st day.

REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS:      $100.00 fee per year.

VIOLENT OFFENDERS:                    Initial Registration=$20.00/Year
                                                       Every Year After=$10.00/Year

ROLLED FINGERPRINTS:                 $10.00      

SOLICITOR PERMITS:                     Administration Fee - $10.00

                                                          1 Day Permit -     $25.00

                                                          1 Week Permit – $75.00