Solicitor Permit Information

Who needs a solicitor permit?

The City of Sterling requires anyone selling a product or service door to door to have a solicitor's permit.

The city ordinance on solicitation can be viewed here.

Why is a solicitor permit needed?

A solicitor's permit helps to ensure the safety of the citizens of Sterling. A permit enables the citizens to know that those who are soliciting are individuals who have been approved to solicit by the City of Sterling.

A solicitor's permit also provides protection for the solicitor. With a permit, the solicitor is able to assure the citizens of Sterling that they have met the requirements set by the City of Sterling to carry a solicitor permit.

How to apply for a solicitor permit?

ALL individuals who will be soliciting door to door must come in person to the Sterling Police Department and fill out an application to solicit. A current state issued photo identification must be provided at the time of application. A $10 administrative fee is due when the application is submitted. Permits can be applied for Monday thru Friday during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A background check is conducted on all applicants. Permits will be issued within 5 business days of the application.

What is the cost for a solicitor permit?

At the time of application a $10 administrative fee is due for each applicant.

A one (1) day permit is $25.00.

A one (1) week permit is $75.00.

What rules apply to door-to-door solicitors in the City of Sterling?

Per city ordinance, solicitors must:

  • Obey posted "NO SOLICITOR" signs.
  • Obey posted "Do Not Knock" signs.
  • Stop solicitation upon owner or occupant request.
  • Only engage in solicitation between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday (no Sundays or national holidays).

Do solicitors need to identify themselves?

Yes, all solicitors should have a permit issued by the Sterling Police Department, If a solicitor does not display and cannot produce a permit, they may not be licensed to solicit in the City of Sterling. Unlicensed solicitors may be reported to the police department at 815-632-6640.

Why can't the City of Sterling ban door-to-door solicitors?

The First Amendment and the U.S. Constitution protect the rights of door-to-door solicitors and preclude the ability of a community to ban door-to-door sales. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld free speech for commercial purposes and the City's ability to restrict commercial door-to-door solicitation is limited to local regulations restricting the time, place and manner of door-to-door solicitations.