Sex Offender Information

Offender Watch

The Sterling Police department is cooperating with the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Department in a local sex offender registration and public notification website called “Offender Watch”.  All sex offenders in Whiteside County registered by any law enforcement agency will be listed on this site.  Citizens may search the web site for potentially dangerous sex offenders and predators in close proximity to their homes.  A citizen may enter any address into the site and see a map and listing of all sex offenders within a radius of .25 miles out to 2 miles.  The address can be registered to be continuously monitored by the sheriff and an email alert will be sent to the citizen if an offender registers at an address within the specified radius.

Please note that many sex  offenders are continuously mobile and a delay could occur in the offenders’ address listing.  Citizens are advised to check the national registry at or the state registry at to identify suspected  sex offenders.