Fire Safety for Kindergarten

The Kindergarten Fires Safety class started in the 1995/1996 school year.  The Fire Department approached the Sterling School District and informed them of their idea to teach Fire Safety to the Kindergarten classes once a month through the entire school year. Two teachers, Karen Harris and Susan Seggebruch, put the program together.  They are both still teaching kindergarten in the Sterling school system.

The Fire Safety classes start off with an introduction into the fire fighter life and what gear fire fighters wear.  In October, the Fire Department teaches Stop, Drop, and Roll and how to escape from a bedroom if one’s house is on fire.  The Fire Department tries to use the Fire Department Safety House with this activity.  In November, the Fire Department teaches kids the importance of learning their address, not only for calling 911 in an emergency, but in case they become lost and need help finding their way home.   In December the Fire Department teaches holiday safety lessons.  These lessons are about all the dangers associated with the holidays such as the Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas and everyone's "special day" (their birthday).  January is 911 month, in which the Fire Department teaches students how to make a call and who they can call using 911 for an emergency.  February is Tools and Toys month.  The Fire Department teaches students about certain tools (matches and lighters) and why they should not touch these tools.  During March, the Fire Department holds a class on Smoke Detectors and they make all the students "Smoke Detector Detectives.”   April is a review month in which the Fire Department shows the "Be Cool About Fire Safety Video."  In May, the students get a tour of the Sterling Main Station.

The goal of this program is to instruct children at the earliest age about Fire Safety and the importance of not playing with fire.