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Welcome to the City of Sterling's City Clerk's Office. Our office maintains all of the official records for the City of Sterling, including local birth and death records, and issues the City's business licenses. To obtain a record or license, visit us at the Coliseum or call (815) 632-6630 for more information. The City Clerk's office may also be reached via email.

Unfortunately, applications cannot be completed over the phone or the internet as signatures are required.

License applications and birth certificate applications are available online for downloading at home. By downloading these forms at home, you can complete the forms at your leisure and can then save time when you visit us.  Please visit the Birth and Death Certificates or Licenses page to download the appropriate forms.

More about the City Clerk's Office
The City Clerk's position is one of the oldest in the history of municipal government, dating back to the city secretaries and rememberancers of ancient Greece. The office of the Clerk dates back to 1272 in London. Today, the City Clerk continues to perform the same duties as did the forbearers: record keeping and maintaining the official history of the City. The City Clerk now records the proceedings of public meetings, such as council meetings, publishes ordinances and hearings in the local newspaper, acts as the registrar of vital statistics, administers oaths, acts as the local election authority, and issues licenses and permits as prescribed in City Ordinances. Interestingly, the City Clerk has custody and control of the City Seal, which the Clerk may affix and attest to all municipal documents. The City Clerk is appointed by the Mayor of Sterling.